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No.6 YaDong Avenue, MaTou Town,
Ruichang, JiuJiang, JiangXi, China

No.6 YaDong Avenue,MaTou Town,Ruichang,JiuJiang,JiangXi, China




To be the model of cement industry
driven by continuously pursuing high
quality, high efficiency, high environmental
protection, low cost and innovative changes.

To be the model of cement industry driven by continuously pursuing high quality,
high efficiency, high environmental protection, low cost and innovative changes.

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Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corporation was incorporated by Asia Cement Corporation, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based Far Eastern Group, in the Cayman Islands in April 2004. Under the Company, there are a total of 19 companies engaging in five major types of business, namely integrated cement manufacturing, cement grinding, cement products manufacturing, transportation and investment. The Company’s shares became listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 20 May 2008.

There are about 3,784 full-time employees in the Company. Due to the special nature of the cement industry, most of the employees are male. Asia Cement (China) has a stable workforce with a long tenure (about 10 years), high loyalty and a low turnover rate (about 3.6%), which are mainly because our good human resource management policies and high competitiveness of the compensation and benefits.

Asia Cement (China) has always adhered to the "people-oriented" human resource management concept, regarding employees as our greatest assets. We take improving the employees’ happiness as one of our key goal, so we continue increasing salaries, bonuses and other benefits and establishing a salary mechanism that integrates personal ability into value creation and shares the fruits of corporate development. For one, we pay attention to the employees' career development and room for pay raise; for another, we actively provide the employees with a high-quality, safe working environment which cares for them and improves their sense of gain and happiness in a warm, attentive and focused way.

Asia Cement (China) always insists that employees' efforts are in direct proportion to their returns. With the expectation of attracting outstanding talents through competitive compensation and benefits, we regularly adjust salaries. In 2020 and 2021, the salary was increased by 22% and 15% in average .This balanced the factor of rising prices and ensured the living standards of the employees.

In order to comfort the staff, each company under Asia Cement (China) has set up the Staff Welfare Committee (SWC for short) and formulated the "Measures for Operation and Administration of the Staff Welfare Committee", appropriating 1.8% of total amount of the staff's salary as welfare fund for the matters related to the staff's benefits. Asia Cement (China) gives employees a variety of welfare programs which mainly includes food subsidies, benefits for three national holidays, year-end banquet, tourism and flexible benefits, traffic subsidies, communication subsidies, work uniform, cash gifts for birthday, wedding, funeral, and birth etc.

Asia Cement (China) has always attached importance to the construction of ‘spiritual civilization’ for employees. In order to enrich the life of the employees, the Company provides various facilities in work place, including basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, badminton halls, table tennis rooms, libraries and gyms. Considering the interests of employees, the Company has established various clubs which regularly hold sports events, such as running, team sports etc. Employees can also take part in various social networking events organized by local communities. While enriching employees' life, these activities also benefit to their physical fitness.

In order to improve the employees' mental health and relieve their pressure, each company has reached cooperation with the local qualified organizations to provide the employees with customized mental health services. The organizations regularly hold on-site mental health lectures at subsidiaries to popularize psychological knowledge and help the employees to ease psychological problems and assist in handling crises. We have established professional services such as consultation and visits by telephone as well as WeChat, QQ, etc. Other subsidiary companies will continue to look for qualified local hospitals to provide psychological services for their employees.

Based on the sustainable development strategy of "creating a happy workplace, supporting disadvantaged groups, cultivating cultural heritage, and creating an inclusive society", the Company pays attention to employees’ health and safety and strengthens personnel training. In response to the rapid changes in the domestic market environment, the Company has adjusted human resource deployment and implemented organizational changes, by implementing the “young and local” policy to recruit a professional and efficient management team. In terms of manpower development, we strengthen colleagues’ professionalism while cultivating international talents and creating diversified capabilities through a rotation mechanism. The Company enhances its overall competitive advantage by enriching innovative technological knowledge with a complete and systematic training method to cultivate high-quality human assets. The Company actively invests in ongoing social consideration, attaches importance to the safety and rights of local residents, and continues to implement the mechanism for local feedback. To be welcomed by local governments, enterprises and residents, we coexist and prosper by actively integrating into the local culture and enthusiastically participating in public welfare undertakings.

In the future, the Company will continue to invest in sustainable development actions to build "environmentally friendly, resource-saving" smart factories and create commercial and social value. We strive to move towards the goal of "being suitable for business and good for mankind".