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#175ABCD, Mao Tse Toung Blvd., Phum 5,
Sangkat Tuol Svay Prey Ti Muoy, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh.

#175ABCD, Mao Tse Toung Blvd., Phum 5,
Sangkat Tuol Svay Prey Ti Muoy, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh.




Prince Bank Plc. aims to be the
financial institution of choice for
our target customers.

Prince Bank Plc. aims to be the financial institution of choice for our target customers.

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About Prince Bank

Prince Bank Plc (“the Bank”) started its operations in 2015 as a private microfinance institution and in July 2018, the Bank obtained the commercial banking license granted by the National Bank of Cambodia and the Bank has since operated as a full fledge commercial bank in Cambodia.

With a strong capital base, robust technological capabilities, extensive knowledge of the local market, the Bank aspires to become the “Best Digital Bank in Cambodia” by offering practical financial solutions through a mix of channels, including innovative digital platforms to our customers, as well as through internal digitalization initiatives to ensure simplification, effectiveness, and resource efficiencies.

Employer of choice

Soon after the Bank granted as commercial bank in 2018, the commitment to become an employer of choice has been spread very laud and taken proactive action across the Bank from senior management to all employees, we work together to bring the following achievement and awarded by international institutions: 
  • Global Best Employer Award 2021
  • Cambodia Best Employer Award 2021
  • HR ASIA Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020
  • Global Best Employer Brands Award 2020 (in Mumbai, India)
  • Cambodia Best Employer Brand Awards 2020 (in Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Best Commercial Bank – Cambodia 2020 in August 2020
  • Best Emerging Commercial Bank ‐ Cambodia 2020 in December 2020
  • Fastest Growing Digital Bank ‐ Cambodia 2020 in December 2020
  • International Innovation Awards 2020 in November 2020
  • Fast Enterprise – Cambodia 2020 in November 2020
  • Asia’s Top 100 Best Employer Brands 2019 (in Singapore)

    Employee benefits

    With the fast growth of both the business and people of the Bank, the employees can enjoy numerous of marvelous opportunities and benefits, both financial and non‐financial. Financial benefits
    • Festival bonuses as fixed bonuses: The bank offers 100% of salary to our people during Chinese New Year, 50% of salary during traditional Khmer New Year, and 50% of salary during the traditional Pchum Ben Day.
    • Annual performance bonus: Prince Bank also provides the annual performance bonus based on annual performance assessment result rated by management which performance bonus and salary increment are based on individual performance and bank’s overall performance.
    • Monthly sales incentive for sales employees: In order to motivate salespeople, Prince Bank has designed the monthly sales incentive for all sales staff at the field for their hard work and commitments to achieve bank’s targets.
    • Seniority payment: Prince Bank is a fully compliance bank in Cambodia. Seniority Payment is created by the Government of Cambodia under the Ministry of Labor; the purpose of this payment is to gratitude to employees who are working in the organization with loyalty.
    • Staff loan with reasonable interest rate: With reasonable loan interest rate, employees are able to own their dream houses, vehicles, and many other purposes that within the Bank policy.
    • Deposit facilities and many other Bank facilities: Our employees are offered with special discounted rate that help contribute to improve their livelihood in many aspects.
    Non‐financial benefits
    • Group accident insurance: Prince Bank is not only taking care of its own employee’s safety, but their families. We believe that when we take care their families well, employees would bring all their bests to perform the job therefore, we would grow well together.
    • National Social Security Fund (NSSF): With the requirement from the government, Prince Bank reserves budget which amount is required by law and this fund is kept by the Ministry of Labor. This fund offers issuance during working hour and health care for our employees.
    • Prince Bank’s internal claim: Prince Bank also offers Maternity Allowance for female staff for supporting the expenses during baby delivery, Medical Claim Benefit with a limit per year for outpatient care, for a payout in an unfortunate event of employee’s death, and a cremation contribution in an unfortunate event of loss of family members (spouse/child/parents).
    • Learning and development programs: We pay much attention to the development of our people; we have been transforming our new bank to be a learning center for both existing and new on‐boarded employees.
    • Exposure to different functions across the bank: We offer the opportunities for our people to do job rotation, job attachment as well as the job sharing from other departments so that they could have broader ideas of which job fit them the most.

Employee welfare and during Covid 19

Prince Bank provides help during the needs of our people not only through job opportunities, employee benefits, but also the support during the disasters. For instance, the Covid 19 has been a big impact to our country since 2019, Prince Bank revised its benefits by providing:
  • Meal allowance: To our people so that they could have safe meal in office and save their expense on meal during this pandemic time.
  • Covid‐19 Allowance: To support positive staff while treatment and exposed staff who are being locked in branch office by local authority, the Bank offer daily allowance during event.
  • Work from home arrangement: To ensure the safety of our employees and to follow the recommendation from the Cambodian Ministry of Health, work from home policy has implemented so all employees can work from home, especially support teams who face challenges to take care kids at home while schools are closed.
  • Enforced Preventive Measures from Covid‐19: To regular alert our employees on protecting themselves from Covid 19 infection, we have updated our guideline and communicated in all channels in our banks.
  • C‐19 test kits supply: To make sure all employees are safe; we have supply the Covid 19 test kits to all employees. Since the Dela virus spread faster than we expected in the country, we mandate our staff to conduct self‐ test at home once after each 14days.
  • C‐19 treatment: Since the Covid 19 has been seriously breaking out in our country since February 2021, we also update insurance package to cover C‐19 treatment for all staff as well.
In addition to the expenditures of protecting our employees, Prince Bank’s Chairperson, has contributed millions dollar to support our government to fight with this Covid 19 situation in our country.

The Bank is enjoying its privileges as one of the employers of choice through the ongoing investments on its people and technology.