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Vattanac Capital (Level 9),
#66 Preah Monivong Blvd,
Phnom Penh

Vattanac Capital (Level 9), #66 Preah Monivong Blvd, Phnom Penh


Financial Services


Be the leading provider of
decision-making data in the
Kingdom of Cambodia.

Be the leading provider of decision-making data in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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Credit Bureau (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (CBC) is the leading provider of financial information, analytical solutions, and credit reporting services to financial institutions and consumers in the Kingdom of Cambodia. CBC is a world-class private credit bureau, officially launched in 19 March 2012 in response to the demands of Cambodia’s financial sectors to run a fair, transparent, and well-managed credit market to support the country’s economic growth. Our vision that aligns everyone in the company work towards to is to “Be the leading provider of decision-making data in the Kingdom of Cambodia” and to achieve that we have our setting goals and objectives with below missions: Serve our members and consumers with comprehensive credit reporting on individuals and businesses, enlarge our range of solutions that help organizations solve their business issues, facilitate decision making with our data analysis capabilities. CBC has been in Cambodia business for more than 9 years with its 56 present staffs.

There are various reasons of why CBC is one of the best workplaces in Cambodia and we keep doing our best to maintain the working culture, conditions and our staff wellbeing.

Culture of Trust, Openness and Care

CBC is a people-centric company with strong culture of trust, openness and care. We believe in entrusting a high degree of trust to our employees and also extending our support to our employees when they need. The open people culture of CBC means that the doors our senior management and HR team are always open to people who need support. We pay significant attention to personal and social well-being of our people. Especially, during COVID-19, we were quite open and fast in implementing flexible working schedules and benefits to our people who needed extra support.

Business Model with Impact

As a company serving as a key national financial infrastructure with direct contributions to financial inclusion and credit market efficiency, our business model is focussed on creating impact and delivering value to the financial market as well as millions of borrowers throughout the country. This brings great deal of satisfaction and motivation to our employees to strive for the best.

Employer Branding Activities and CSR

Employer branding is one of our strategies in building the company to be one of the best workplaces to work for in Cambodia. Every year, CBC commits sponsorship, resources and support to the local projects and organizations based on need and potential to make impact. With the onset of COVID-19 in Cambodia and the significant resources that the local authority needed, CBC made both in-cash and in-kind contributions to support the City Hall in strengthening their field resources as well as managing families impacted by the pandemic. More recently, we also collaborated with a non-profit in extending year-round food supplies to families impacted by the pandemic.

As our commitment for sustainable economic development and people-centric growth, we have also institutionalised CBC Scholarship which is one of the few corporate scholarship schemes in the country in partnership with a leading public university in the country.

This will not only help needy parts of our society but also build credibility and reputation which builds high morale of our employees and personal satisfaction to our people. Some of the other organizations we have sponsored and supported so far were Shanty Town Spirit, Cambodian Cobra Eagle Cub, Coconut School, and other associations.

Upskilling, continuous learning and professional development

Training and Development is a core part for growth in CBC. We have learnt the values of staff development and improvement. We know that training and development is very important because it represents a good opportunity for employee to grow their knowledge base and improve their job skills to become more effective in the workplace.

CBC has always invested in various training programs that includes internal sharing session, a training shared by key management team and senior staff on the monthly basis, and external training projects, consisted of corporate trainings and individual staff sent to join either face to face or online training. CBC also created internal CBC Library and E-Learning platform. Every training and sharing sessions are designed to improve our employee skills and knowledge are designed base on our Training Need Analysis to help our employee to perform to their highest level with all the support from the company.

In order to upskill our staff for work of the future, we have fully sponsored several of our staff for trainings from prestigious international institutions such as Columbia University, Virginia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to name a few.

Enabling Workplace Innovation

In line with harnessing growth and creativity of our employees, we also started Employee Innovation Programme which offers freedom and flexibility to our people to explore and develop ideas and opportunities to tackle the most pressing problems the company is facing which could be much beyond their core functional duties and scope. No matter what their functional role and position is, we have created an open innovation platform to enable all staff to make contributions to and have a stake in the company’s growth and advancement.

Staff Engagement Activities

To make sure our staff is aligned with the company direction and to keep everyone entertained and motivated, CBC always organizes engagement throughout each year such as Quarterly Town hall Meeting, Yearly Team Building Trip and other celebrations activities together. We are doing this not only for the joy and fun but our staff engagement activities are always designed to give our employee trust, collaboration, communication and bring everyone together.

Workplace Policies and Practices

Having workplace policy and practice are very essential to one organization. It helps provide us the guidance for decision-making and lead us to the desired outcomes. At CBC, we are complied with the Cambodian Labor Law, which we have developed our internal work rule, adding to our policies and practices vary thoroughly and set in place from every aspect of our business such as: Human Resources Policy, Recruitment and Selection Procedure, Leave Management Procedure, Training and Development Procedure and other policies and practices to ensure that our company practices our work comply with the government law and at best interests.

Competitive and Comprehensive Compensations and Benefits

CBC always pays close attention to our employee’s compensation, benefits, and welfare. We always monitor our benefits package we offer to our employee with the Cambodian Labor Market. Not only we include all the benefits guided by our local labour law, we offer range of other competitive benefits such as: 13th Month Salary, Performance Bonus, Medical Allowance, Social Security Insurance/National Social Security Funds, 24/7 Private Insurance includes Accidental, Hospital & Surgery and Life Insurance, Incentive Scheme, and Seniority Pay.


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Feedback and Improvement

Feedback is very vital for ongoing development of our people and the company. It helps us to clarify our staff expectations and opinions. CBC deploys a lot of fact-finding and engagements surveys on various activities, trainings, events and yearly Staff satisfaction feedback on the company as a whole looking for opinions and suggestion from our staff to see our loopholes and to make an improvement based on our staff needs and expectation as much as possible.

Modern and Comfortable Office Space and Environment

CBC considers office working space is a second home to our employees, that is why we chose the most impressive, well-designed working space with a range of amenities in Phnom Penh, Vattanac Capital, as our office to offer them a seamless working experience with an incredible view as well as their wellbeing. Vattanac Building is known as the best modern building in Cambodia with its exterior design. The office area is finished with stone slab flooring, porcelain stoneware tiles and decorative glass and timber panels with gypsum board ceiling. The office zone entrance features an access control system that requires either an employee swipe card. Toilet on each floors also equipped with a disabled bathroom and a shower area. Moreover, there are also 2 public parks available next to the building that allowed our employees to use as a recreational and relaxing space during and after their working shift.

In conclusion, CBC is one of the best workplaces to work for in Cambodia because we always strive to put our people first in everything we do. We closely care about our staff wellbeing, working environment and be a professional employer in Cambodia challenging market with a designed staff engagement activity, training and development that leads to both employee personal and company successes at the same time. CBC always looks for a way to improve our culture, working environment, benefits