Foreign workers in Hong Kong can apply for multiple-entry visas on the mainland with a duration of two years or more through the China Immigration Service Centre, as of October 26.

However, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said the foreign staff must be working for registered companies.

According to a statement released by an online news platform of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Hong Kong Talent Engage scheme, first launched online last year, has set up a physical office to support the entrance talents, VisaGuide.World reports.

In addition, it is planned to promote cooperation in the attracting of talent within the Greater Bay Area during the coming year.

The government is set to expand its Top Talent Pass scheme to include eight reputable institutions from the mainland and overseas in the list of eligible universities, effective from November 2023.

Last month, Hong Kong’s visa policy regarding employment for qualified Vietnamese nationals, as well as for Vietnamese applicants seeking multiple-entry visas for business or travel, has also been eased.

Similar relaxations apply to Lao and Nepalese talents seeking employment or training opportunities in Hong Kong or those coming to study at institutions funded by the University Grants Committee.

In this regard, in October 2023, the Hong Kong authorities also lifted visa policies for nationals of Vietnam, Laos, and Nepal who are seeking multiple-entry visas for business and travel purposes.

Citizens from these nations who are employed by companies registered in Hong Kong are now eligible to submit applications for multiple-entry Mainland visas for a period of two years or more through the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in Hong Kong.

“The government will implement a Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, with details to be announced by the end of the year. Under the scheme, eligible investors who make investments of $30 million or above in certain assets can apply for entry into Hong Kong,” Lee also noted.

This office has reached out to more than 200 strategic enterprises, and around 30 have expressed their intentions to either establish a presence or expand their operations in Hong Kong. However, it is expected to create around 10,000 new employment opportunities.

Moreover, The Hong Kong government has been actively trying to attract talent to the city. They have received around 160,000 applications, and out of these, over 100,000 have been approved.

Based on these data, by the end of September of this year, around 60,000 individuals had already arrived in Hong Kong.

Further government statistics show that in the first two months of this year, nearly 95 percent of successful applicants in Hong Kong’s Top Talent Pass Scheme were Chinese citizens.

During the same period, 14,240 requests for the program were received after its introduction by Chief Executive John Lee in December, with 8,797 applications approved in two months. – VisaGuide.World


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