Employee burnout is not new. Burnout indicates that someone’s emotional and physical resources are spent, and they can no longer function properly at work, being constantly in lethargic-hype stressful state can affect many people’s lives. In fact, it is a serious mental health problem that the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified as a mental condition in May 2019.

It was reported that one in three employees in Asia experiencing symptoms of burnout, and 80% not turning to professionals for help, the working population in Asia suffers from a great deal of burnout, exhaustion and poor work-life balance.

Hence, to reduce the taboo of employees seeking help and make mental health awareness accessible through workshops and coaching for working professionals, Happy Customers, a training and coaching company that focuses on building happy and productive working professionals in partnership with Collective Change Institute (CCI) have launched a month-long FROM STRIVING TO THRIVING Campaign available for free at an individual and corporate level.

The Singapore-based company launches free one-to-one coaching and workshops to make help easily accessible to burnout working professionals with their goal to improve mental health so that they can cope with the stresses of life, realise their full abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to the community.

Happy Customers is helmed by Eric Feng, an expert in sales, marketing and branding, also a content creator on mental wellness with over 18 years of experience in professional training and coaching whilst CCI is led by Lin Tan, who is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and has brought over 4,000 hours of experience in transformational and leadership coaching into her work with organisations and individuals.

The FROM STRIVING TO THRIVING campaign offers free mental health and well-being workshops for corporates and personal coaching for individuals – the first of many offerings as part of Happy Customers and CCI’s goals to support working professionals in realising their full abilities in work and life.

There will be over 24 experts from Happy Customers and 40 coaches from CCI who are committed to equipping professionals with the mindset and capabilities to achieve mental well-being, instead of struggling silently at the workplace.

“Through my years of training and coaching experience, I realised that in Singapore, corporations are obsessed with hitting their bottom-lines and seek little value in advocating for healthy mental wellness in the workplace, unless productivity of their staff has been impacted. With mental health care being more expensive than physical health care, a lot more working professionals do not seek help or are even aware that they are struggling,” shared Eric Feng, Founder of Happy Customers.

“We want to change that with FROM STRIVING TO THRIVING by ensuring these corporate programmes are accessible to all working professionals in Asia. We have been training for the last decade and found that there were insufficient programmes where most corporations focused on productivity talks but not mental health and wellness. There was a need and a gap to ensure there was expert-developed training with legitimate speakers who came together to coach working professionals on their emotional, mental and physical health.”

Through two approaches, FROM STRIVING TO THRIVING Campaign will focus on workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions. With a holistic approach from both Happy Customers and CCI, the Campaign aims to target mental health and wellbeing awareness through the mind, body and soul (mental, physical and emotional).

Through the one-to-one coaching, each individual will have personalised attention from their own dedicated trained coach to help them regulate better and redesign their lifestyle for better mental well-being. The second approach is at a corporate level where panel experts will be introduced to help working professionals’ level up their sense of purpose in the industries they are in and encourage employers to understand the importance of mental health care for their employees or team members.

Working professionals throughout Asia will be able to receive up to four sessions of coaching. In return, participants pay it forward by donating to CCI’s beneficiary of choice at the end of the coaching engagement. All proceeds of the monetary donations from the coaching sessions will go to a Singapore-based Silver Ribbon that supports mental health and wellness.

“There is a stigma associated with mental health. Stress, anxiety and burnout is normalised in our society with productivity as a priority. But ironically, the mental well-being of the workplace and a company’s bottom-line is linked. There is a need to drive more awareness of a new way of working that allows for happiness, health and productivity to go together,” commented Lin Tan, Director of Collective Change Institute. “Coaching enables this shift. By equipping them with the tools and inspiration they need, we hope to see less attrition, more fulfilled working professionals, and a positive impact on work-life relationships.”

Each coach is professionally trained and has undergone rigorous coach training accredited by the International Coaching Federation. They all bring their own corporate, business and life experiences with them to touch on topics such as self-care mindset, resilience and work-life balance.


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