Thailand issued an official notice for foreign workers from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam regarding new fees for inspections and work permits. The latest move is to promote legal employment and address the issue of illegal immigration.

The move, introduced in a ministerial order on October 27, will take effect on November 10 for foreign workers from these four countries who enter Thailand to work based on an employment contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in connection with the recruitment of workers, and it will be valid for four years.

The measure is aimed at promoting legal employment and addressing problems related to illegal immigration and labour market stability. It will also ease the financial burden on both workers and employers.

The Thai government hopes that the reduced fees will encourage more foreign workers to legalise their employment when entering the country, ensuring that they are protected under Thai labour laws and that they contribute to the country’s social security system.

“This ministry regulation is in line with the government’s approach to regulating the employment of foreign workers to strengthen the country’s competitiveness and support economic recovery after COVID-19. Reducing fees is a means to ease the financial burden on both workers and employers,” Khaosod stated.

The new visa fee is THB 500 (approximately USD 13.84), down from THB 2,000 ( USD 55.36). The fee for applying for a temporary stay has also been reduced from THB 1,900 (USD 52.60) to THB 500.

Thailand has a total of 2,593,439 foreign workers as of September. There are still approximately 1 million workers in the process of submitting work permit applications.

Thailand, along with South Korea and Japan, is a popular destination for Lao residents seeking better career opportunities, as the country continues to face high inflation, an increased cost of living, and low minimum wages. – Laotian Times


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