Young Filipinos belonging to Generation Z or those born between 1997 and 2012 prefer working independently to working with a team, according to a study commissioned by a health maintenance organization (HMO).

Philcare’s “Wellness Index: An Updated ABC of Pinoy Gen X, Y and Z, said 55% of Filipino Generation Z employees want to work independently.

Older Filipinos belonging to Generation X, or those born from 1965 to 1981, and Millennials, who were born from 1981 to 1995, are also inclined to work alone, with 50% of them saying such.

Aside from working independently, 48% of Filipino Gen Zs said that they were more interested in working in the Philippines, compared to 54% of their older counterparts who said that they wanted to work here.

According to Philcare President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Augustin “Jaeger” Tanco, Generation Z’s desire to work independently could be their way to showcase their skills and abilities to employers, while also valuing freedom and self-direction in their careers.

He added that while there were fewer Generation X and Y workers than Generation Z looking for jobs abroad, their reason for seeking employment was just the same: to experience a new culture and personal growth.

“After all, an international experience can boost one’s competitiveness and marketability in the global job market,” Tanco said.

He said that the responses to the survey would allow the HMO to provide comprehensive solutions that would cater to the needs of Filipino workers across generations. – The Manila Times


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